So I found out that he's dating someone already, less than 3 months after I ended things. Found out via tagged photo on his IG. I was gutted at first, then turned off, then used this info to message again my last request: that he delete our entire messenger convo (wherein may mga inappropriate photos ako hahahahah never again! wag tularan). So he responded naman and did what I wanted, so yay that's a win for me. That's 5 years worth of convo rin. Mej naauunfairan lang ako kasi bakit siya nakahanap agad HAHAHA. Anyway, I know naman we won't be happy together in the long term, that the company will be meh (best part lang talaga yung sex, but that won't last us years noh, realistically). :)) So that is that. Sana makahanap rin ako ng para sa kin

Posted by chronicwind2 on May 29, 2024 at 03:22 AM | Add a Comment
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