Went home to Manila after almost 2 years, right in time for alert level 3.

okay pa ba kayo gaiststst

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haixst bakit naman kasi ang mahal mahal ng mga pangarap mo :'(

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Dear self:

Ang mahal ng gusto mong buhay so you better work your ass offff

you need to find a stable job naaa

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Bakit ba ang alam lang ng administrasyon na ito ay paninira, at pagbebenta ng Pinas sa Tsina??

Dumaguete City is signing a deal with a MNL firm with a Chinese subcontractor to build 174 hectares of reclaimed land in front of Dumaguete coast, essentially destroying a coast which fishermen depend on, a coast that is lush and thriving and SO ALIVE.

Wala bang climate change?? Walang pandemic?? 

Haay help us stop this nonsense please. No to 174 dumaguete! Sign the petition here!

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take me back to 2019

Posted by chronicwind2 on June 2, 2021 at 12:39 PM | Add a Comment
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